The sculptor known simply as Rojas (Ivan Alberto Rojas Tovar) determinately employs a clearly defined purpose in all his creations. He desires solely to, “free or liberate the expressive shape from the encasement of the wood or stone”; a philosophy that was shaped by growing up in politically charged Peru. He spent his boyhood ensconced in his family’s bookstore, absorbing books on architecture, art, and design. It was here that Rojas became obsessed with artistically manifesting his feelings of personal independence, infused with emotional harmony. As a result, his work exudes a spiritual and ethereal quality. There is an ever-present theme of hope and ascension in each original piece. Whether in his figurative or abstract sculptures, Rojas creates with the desire to share these feelings with anyone who encounters and contemplates his designs. Rojas currently works on the roof of his home in Lima, Peru, using hammer, chisel, and assorted laymen’s tools. Each piece is not only original, but also unique. Rojas never uses molds, or creates copies of his work.

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